Welcome to the World of |HOLST + LEE|

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Welcome to the |HOLST + LEE| Blog!

It has been quite a journey getting to this point. What started as a hobby making jewelry to dress up for nights out in NYC and the Hamptons, has grown into the lifestyle brand we are today. Along the way we’ve had lots of adventures, lots of learning experiences, and lots of personal growth.

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As the |HOLST + LEE| journey into the world of jewelry has evolved, we’ve found ourselves getting increasingly creative and interested in other aspects of life. From food to housewares, art, music and general happiness, we felt it was only right to start sharing more about our discoveries. Jewelry will still play at the forefront, but you’re now going to get even more insight into the |HOLST + LEE|  world. We will also be including interviews with our muses, friends and artists that continue to keep us on our toes and inspired. We hope you enjoy this new section and can’t wait to hear what you think of it!


The |HOLST + LEE| Team and Natalie 

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