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Far Away Places

Summer might have come to a close, but we’re just gearing up here for our fall collection

Far Away Places!

Imagine losing yourself in the beauty of Bora Bora, watching the sunset over pyramids in Cairo, or exploring the caves of Auckland.

Far Away Places is all about the thrill of that magical moment of discovery in a completely foreign environment.


left:”rice fields,” Ubud, Bali at Villa Semana – right: “the greatest place on earth,” Tugu Hotel, Lombok

Far Away Places showcases exotic agate stones combined with beautiful formations of silver and turquoise beading. Swarovski crystals and Scarab pendants add unique and poignant details to the collection to give it a glamorous feel.

Director Natalie Holst’s love of art, texture and modern design continually inspire her collections. We caught up with the busy designer and asked her a few questions about her motivation behind Far Away Places.

Where did the initial inspiration come for this collection?

I recently got married and we honeymooned in Bali. It was such a wonderful experience and the exotic surroundings provided the jumping off point for this collection.


“sunset”, Echo Beach, Bali

 “our scoopy,” Mount Batur, Bali

What was your favorite thing about Bali.

Everything! We’ve traveled a lot but this was obviously more special than our other trips. The people were so nice and their culture is so gracious and ritualistic, which was beautiful to witness.  Everyday was a new adventure, we’re not really big planners so each day we would pick something new to do, hop on a scooter and go explore.


left: Visiting Ketut Liyur, the Medicine Man featured in “Eat, Pray, Love” – right: “rice fields”, Villa Semana, Ubud, Bali



| HOLST + LEE | in Bali

Here’s an adorable video of my favorite Monkey, and the little animal too 🙂


Where do you want to go next?

I’ve been itching to do a road trip across the US and see some of the near places 🙂

What’s in store for |HOLST +LEE|?

Actually it has a lot to do with the last question.  We recently bought a vintage 1976 Empire Trailer that I’ve renovated and converted into a Pop-Up store, more on that later though…

We can’t wait!

Below are a few of the the new styles from Far Away Places, available for purchase now in our webshop!



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